Facial Pain

About The Procedure

Also known as TMJ, TMD, bite disease, or “temporomandibular joint dysfunction”, is a common condition which can cause many painful symptoms. Symptoms of this condition can range from jaw pain, headaches, earaches, neck pain, tooth clenching, grinding of the jaw, or jaw clicking/popping. Stress and fatigue can severely aggravate these symptoms.

Dr. McNickle and Dr. Jungers have had extensive training to treat this disorder and will evaluate your symptoms and recommend appropriate treatment. Just as we are all different, your symptoms may range from an annoying occasional jaw pop to excruciating headaches. Treatment can range from the use of warm compresses at night to wearing of a removable appliance called a bite splint.

A bite splint is a hard acrylic appliance designed to fit over your upper or lower teeth. A properly fitted bite splint serves two purposes. Providing relief from symptoms is therapeutic. Important as well, it provides diagnostic information to help determine long-term solutions.

In addition to the treatment methods discussed, corrective restoration dentistry may be used to provide a final stabilized bite position.

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