Preventive Dental Care/Cleanings

About The Procedure

It’s not just a cleaning! Teeth cleaning by our Stillwater dental professionals is essential to your dental health and recommended every three to six months. No matter how many times you brush or floss daily, tartar will accumulate and can only be removed by a skilled professional.

Researchers are providing more and more evidence of the connection between your overall health and your oral health. People with periodontal or gum disease are more likely to suffer from heart disease. Diabetics can be affected by gum disease in that it may make it harder to control blood-sugar levels.

We have four dental hygienists on staff to provide Stillwater teeth cleaning and hygiene service five days a week. Regular check-ups and cleanings are essential for healthy teeth and gums and provide an opportunity to identify and treat dental concerns before they become painful and expensive problems. We will also recommend cavity filling and other dental care if necessary.

There are several types of dental cleanings. The kind of cleaning that is right for you will be determined at your comprehensive exam. For example, people who have not seen a hygienist for several years may require two appointments to remove build-up and polish teeth. Individuals with periodontitis or gum disease require particular attention to keep the disease in check and may need to see their hygienist three of four times per year. For a person with good dental health, a six-month routine cleaning is recommended.

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