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Because we have the highest standards, we have some of the happiest patients.  We are like family here at Stillwater Dental Associates.  Many of our patients have been here for 20+ years, and we are welcoming new preferred patients daily.  Be sure to read our testimonials and reviews from some of those patients, old and new.  We invite you to contact us to schedule your next dental appointment.

A. Wilkinson

“I just moved to the Stillwater area and asked three different people who they recommend; they ALL said Dr. McNickle hands down! When I went in from my apt., Kari cleaned my teeth, and she went above and beyond and even fixed some damage left from the last dentist I went to. I found out I needed to get cavities filled, so they got me in as quick as possible so it would stop hurting.
Everyone is so easy to work with and down to earth. I never once felt like I couldn’t ask questions or felt out of place. Even the ladies at the front desk were helpful; they worked with me while I was trying to figure out my money situation and never made me feel rushed.”

The Brown family

“Our family loves Stillwater Dental Associates.  The hygienists and Zach are great with all of our kids, and there is no fear of going to the dentist because they make the experience a fun time!  We have always received great personal and gentle care, and we highly recommend SDA.”

The Ray family

“There’s a big difference between being proactive and just selling services.  Stillwater Dental Associates have always been proactive with our family’s dental care and always helped us weigh the cost/benefit of preventative as well as progressive care.  We couldn’t be more comfortable in the capable, cautious and careful hands of Stillwater Dental Associates.”

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